Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has emerged as an innovative and disruptive technology for government and businesses. InfusionPoints, a leading technology and cyber security consulting firm, recognizes the significant impact that cloud computing will have on business and government IT investments. InfusionPoints offers services ranging from specific IT strategy, planning, development, and implementation capabilities to broader IT transformation support. In addition to converting traditional services to make them “cloud ready,” we are already helping clients with quick look assessments and diagnostic evaluations to determine their readiness.

Our Capabilities
InfusionPoints is an advocate for cloud services as a viable option to meet a variety of business and mission challenges. From this technology innovation, new collaboration and data sharing initiatives are critical for supporting global business and government operations . We offer our clients the following services in this major transformational area:

  • Cloud Strategy and Planning
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Security Services
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • Windows Azure

Our Full Lifecycle Services

We leverage our IT frameworks to infuse security into multiple points throughout our client's business solution lifecycle, by providing IT Consulting, Cyber Security and Technology services including:

InfusionPoints, Your Independent Trusted Advisor

We founded InfusionPoints to be our clients' first choice for an independent trusted partner to build secure systems that protect their employee's, partner's and customer's data