Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Organizations lack the bandwidth to focus vital staff throughout a program's lifecycle. InfusionPoints Program Management services will deliver the know-how, objectivity, foresight, and the focus. Our program management services allow critical IT programs to deliver the desired business results - on time and on budget. We strive to be the first choice for our clients' programs success.

As one of our specialties, we can provide IV&V support during a Solution's Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We believe that IV&V helps the customer gain the most return on investment (ROI) that is possible on solution development programs. The primary reason for this is that IV&V remains independent of the organization to provide an unbiased review of processes and products.

InfusionPoints performs analyses on the effects of new solutions and concepts on existing solutions, enabling our customers to make informed decisions. Implementing IV&V early in the solution development life cycle, will detect defects earlier, and thus cost less to correct. Our IV&V processes will help the customer deliver the solutions on schedule and within budget.

With InfusionPoints' team working for you, you have an independent trusted partner on your side to provide insight into current and future technologies and management need. We have created a framework that can improve all phases of an organization's business activities. our IV&V framework and best practices to effectively and efficiently plan, design, develop, and implement your IV&V programs by providing:

  • Process Improvement
  • QA Oversight
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Technical Expertise

Key Results
InfusionPoints IV&V services are provided on each SDLC phase such as:

  • Requirements
  • Design
  • Development
  • Test
  • Deployment

Independent of the organization to provide an unbiased review of processes and solutions.
Verification determines if the solution meets all of its allocated requirements.
Validation determines if the solution achieves the specified functional and performance levels in a reliable and efficient manner.

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