Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12

What does HSPD 12 and Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) mean to your organization?

With the release of HSPD 12 and FICAM, the Federal government established a new standards that InfusionPoints expects OMB will follow with new memoranda and directives. Many Federal Agencies have previously implemented some level of infrastructure to meet requirements related to Identity Management, Credentialing, Privilege Management, Authentication, Authorization & Access, Cryptography, and Auditing. HSPD 12 and FICAM represents an opportunity to consolidate those efforts into a comprehensive and effective strategy. The first steps are to measure the maturity of existing FICAM policies, processes and infrastructure, and to develop a segment architecture and roadmap to keep you ahead of the HSPD 12 and FICAM curve.

InfusionPoints is your trusted partner. Our consultants specialize in implementing identity and access management and other large security and infrastructure programs in both the public and private sectors. InfusionPoints can assist by measuring your organization’s maturity in all areas related to HSPD 12 and FICAM, and defining a vendor neutral FICAM strategy. Once the gaps are understood, your organization will have a clear understanding of the steps required to fully realize the benefits offered by FICAM, including increased security, enhanced interoperability, improved customer service, and elimination of redundancy. An ICAM Roadmap that is aligned with FICAM will keep your organization ahead of forthcoming compliance mandates and allow the planning needed to have the required funding available for projects as needed.

Our consultants apply our proven ICAM frameworks and expertise to simplify identity, credential and access management infrastructures to increase security, privacy, compliance, efficiencies, and reduce costs. ICAM programs require seasoned professionals to plan, manage, and build the ICAM infrastructures that support the digital identity lifecycle. InfusionPoints ICAM services include:

  • HSPD 12 and FICAM Alignment and Roadmap
  • HSPD 12 and FICAM governance, architecture and program management
  • HSPD 12 and FICAM product selection
  • Compliance and auditing of ICAM infrastructures
  • Digital Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Credential Management
  • Directory Services
  • Strong Authentication
  • Simplified Sign-On
  • Role and Entitlements management
  • Customer self-registration
  • Portal and personalization
  • Federation

Total HSPD 12 and ICAM Security and Privacy Delivered

  • HSPD 12 and ICAM governance
  • HSPD 12 and ICAM risk assessments
  • HSPD 12 and ICAM business solutions’ roadmaps
  • HSPD 12 and ICAM requirements and architectures
  • HSPD 12 and ICAM business cases and charters
  • HSPD 12 and ICAM program management office and oversight
  • HSPD 12 and ICAM deployment
  • The Benefits of a Complete HSPD 12 and ICAM Solution
    InfusionPoints offers you the following enterprise security and privacy benefits:

    • Seamless control of your identities regardless of your enterprise’s complexity
    • Reduction of risks associated with data disclosures
    • Repeatable and predictable processes improve efficiencies and reduce cost
    • Improved compliance reporting reduces the total cost of ownership
    • Improved business collaboration by eliminating silos

    Our Full Lifecycle Services

    We leverage our IT frameworks to infuse security into multiple points throughout our client's business solution lifecycle, by providing IT Consulting, Cyber Security and Technology services including:

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