Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis; Powered by InfusionPoints

Business impact analysis activities are too complex to tackle without help. At InfusionPoints, we believe that our clients need independent and trusted security partners who understand that information security only works when applied to achieve business objectives rather than constrain them. Our security consultants combine broad information security expertise with a demonstrated understanding of business objectives to conduct independent assessments that aid your business decision making, not constrain it.

Our Business Impact Analysis services empower you to focus on your most critical business functions. We will not only help you understand the functions that have the most value to your business, but we will show you their dependencies to provide a comprehensive illustration of how adverse events will impact your entire business as well. InfusionPoints empowers our clients to make better business decisions through a comprehensive analysis of business needs and priorities. Our security team of consultants can deliver the following:

  • Business process and supporting systems inventory;
  • Points-of-failure analysis that identifies where business processes will most likely face disruption;
  • Business process dependency map to illustrate how adverse events can cascade across business activities;
  • Customer and partner dependency map to illustrate how adverse events can impact third-party business functions;
  • Documented review of regulatory, legal, and contractual impacts.
  • Comprehensive analysis of three general impact areas to enable better decision making, including the following:
    • Confidentiality breaches that result in the disclosure of sensitive data;.
    • Integrity violations that compromise the ability to trust business process results;
    • Availability failures that disrupt business process execution.

InfusionPoints BIA Services include:

  • Interviews with business process and IT systems owners;
  • Financial impact analysis of disruption to critical business processes;
  • Business process availability threshold and dependency analysis.

With InfusionPoints, you will know everything that you need to know to appropriately mitigate business risks

Our Full Lifecycle Services

We leverage our IT frameworks to infuse security into multiple points throughout our client's business solution lifecycle, by providing IT Consulting, Cyber Security and Technology services including:

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