Are You Prepared For A Data Breach

Are you prepared for a data breach?

On March 22, 2018, the city of Atlanta experienced a ransomware cyber attack that affected access to city data, multiple applications, and client devices. Atlanta’s technology department has spent over $27 million dollars to fix the problem with some sources saying it could cost the city even more.

Atlanta is just the latest in a string of data breaches and ransomware attacks that have plagued our commercial and government infrastructures. Back in December of 2017, it was Mecklenburg County, NC that was in the headlines for a ransomware attack. For weeks, county government services were unavailable while the analysis and resulting phased restoration plan was rolled out.

It is clear that state and local governments need to prepare, as the threat is real! In this webinar we will discuss how your organization can prepare for a data breach. In this webinar, we discuss the impact, costs, and lessons learned of data breaches and ransomware attacks.

We also address topics including:

  • What is defined as an incident?
  • What is a Ransomware attack?
  • How can we prepare for a security incident?
  • What are the 5 key parts of an incident response strategy?
  • What people, processes, and technology do I need?
  • How do we protect assets from threats?
  • What detection capabilities do we need to watch for threats?
  • What response and recovery activities are needed?
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