Building the right CyberSecurity program for your organization will allow you to integrate new IT trends, addresses skills shortages, and staying ahead of rapidly changing techniques.  InfusionPoints can help you create a more proactive and mature cybersecurity environment. InfusionPoints CyberSecurity services can help you design an integrated framework with cybersecurity management solutions, systems integration and managed services to protect your enterprise.

Organizations struggle to ensure that protections are consistently applied throughout their IT infrastructure to protect their valuable information and mitigating the growing number of threats to IT security can be a daunting task.

InfusionPoints' Advisory and Assessment Services will review your organization’s security infrastructure and will provide the critical insight and data you need to develop the most effective cyber security strategy for your organization. InfusionPoints will review existing information technology control frameworks, identifying;

HaCkErS…a term that sends chills down the spine of many business owners. Hackers are dominating the cyber world with their tricks and sneaky tactics, and are Going Undetected for way too long. Organizations are struggling to fend off Cyber Attacks as these hackers get faster, sneakier, and more creative.

It is not enough to perform periodic security assessments in today’s ever changing threat landscape, these assessments only provide a snapshot in time of your organization's security posture. Rapid identification and corrective action of weaknesses or vulnerabilities will reduce your organization's threat surface and cost to remediate these issues. Moving from periodic assessments to near real-time continuous monitoring will minimize security threats to your organization, as well as ensure compliance, this is the real value to your organization.

InfusionPoints' VNSOC360° Managed Detection and Response delivers exceptional Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Log Management, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Many companies try to achieve better security by purchasing the latest set of security tools, they spend a lot of money buying an IDS and SIEM products. However, many companies do not have the capabilities to follow through and use the IDS and SIEM systems properly, and most will fail. Buying your own tools more often than not, is no guarantee of results.

InfusionPoints applies holistic, integrated methodologies for infusing security and privacy into mission solutions by combining our frameworks with the critical thinking and deep analytics needed to solve our clients most pressing challenges. Our consultants specialize in developing IT architectures that protect sensitive consumer, employee, and partner information without losing sight of cost and efficiency.