CMMC is New and You are a Busy DoD Contractor – We Get It.

As a DoD contractor, your focus is on products, sales, supply and demand, new customers, manufacturing, etc.  What about security and compliance efforts?  The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) has been released and states that your organization must meet requirements, be assessed, and be certified within five years in order to continue doing business within the DoD. How do you prepare and what does this mean for you?

CMMC has five levels and contains hundreds of practices and requirements.  But you already knew this because you used all of the spare time you have to research, document, and implement what is required of your organization for a CMMC assessment, right?  If the answer is yes, you are among the very few.  If the answer is no, it’s time to start preparing. 

What is Holding You Back?

  • Time to invest in learning CMMC
  • Extra employees to focus on CMMC
  • Your organization does not have DFARS/Compliance subject matter experts
  • CMMC can be overwhelming – pushing it to the back burner

InfusionPoints Has the Prescription for Your CMMC Headaches

InfusionPoints’ team of CMMC subject matter experts are here to help you prepare for your CMMC audit. This will allow your team to focus on your core mission.  Partnering with the InfusionPoints CMMC advisory team will save you time and money by breaking down CMMC into bite-sized nuggets that are easy to digest. 

These information nuggets will guide your organization through the certification process and help your team avoid any unnecessary strain.  Being prepared is half the battle.  InfusionPoints will be there to help you prepare for your audit and will be there after certification for additional support.

CMMC – It’s Easy as One Two Three (Four Five)

It’s time for the big question - what CMMC level do you fall under?  The InfusionPoints team will look at business operations, relationships, and future needs to help you determine what level might be the right fit for your specific needs.  Depending on future goals, you might want to be a level higher than anticipated.

CMMC focuses on secure handling and transportation of any Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), but how much of your information is CUI?  InfusionPoints can help identify, secure, and mitigate any risks associated with CUI.   InfusionPoints not only provides advisory services but also the security operations that your organization might need to achieve your CMMC certification.


CMMC Level 1 White Paper CMMC Level 3 White Paper

InfusionPoint Services Offered:

  • Advisory/Consultingbefore, during, and after certification
  • Gap Assessment to identify problem areas 
  • 24X7X365 Secuirty Operations 

Key Benefits to Your Organization

  • You saved time and money by partnering with InfusionPoints
  • Your organization did not have to create a team of experts
  • You now benefit from having a relationship with one of the world’s leading cybersecurity providers and compliance consultants
  • InfusionPoints is an all in one solution from planning to implementation 



  • Assess your IT Infrastructure
  • Develop your System Security Plan (SSP)
  • Develop your Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&M)
  • Develop your Policies and Procedures
  • Deploy IT Infrastructure to meet the CMMC Requirements


Assess - Validate
  • Audit your IT Infrastructure
  • Source code scans
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Penetration Test
  • Website Scans
  • Deploy IT Infrastructure to meet the CMMC Requirements


  • Security Operations Center 24/7
  • Log Management
  • Monitoring and Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Manage IT Infrastructure to meet the CMMC Requirements


Let InfusionPoints assist you with your CyberSecurity needs today!

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