Entrepreneurship Challenge

Thursday, February 27

Wilkesboro, North Carolina 

InfusionPoints CEO, Gary Daemer, and Chief of SMarketing, Felisha Daemer were recruited to be a part of “The Next Big Idea 2020 Entrepreneurship Challenge” panel. This is Wilkes County’s first pitch competition for middle school and high school students. All students were encouraged to participate. The concept for “The Next Big Idea” was to encourage students to come up with an innovative business opportunity for “investors” to invest in. There were 9 ideas presented. Six of which were high school students and three were from the middle schools.  The high school students’ ideas were – Nanny on the Cam, The Decon Bucket, NOpiods, West Wilkes Conversions, No H2O and For Bees Sake. The Middle School ideas were Recycle Rewards, Babys2Grownups and Pollution Pots. Nany on the cam won first place in the high school division. Nany on the Cam is an innovative idea to monitor your child while they are in the NICU from vital signs to video streaming all available on a downloadable app. Second place was awarded to For Bees Sake. Bees Sake is an innovative non-profit organization established by two high school students to raise awareness for the diminishing bee population and funding for scholarships for inspiring beekeepers. Recycle Rewards won first place in the middle school division for their innovative idea of creating an instant reward for recycling. They came up with the idea to partner with all kinds of shopping stores to place a recycling can outside their store that tracks users recycling deposits utilizing a QR code and a simple app. The QR codes go on the labels for the recyclables and the can itself. The QR code generates a scoring system in the app to accumulate points that you can use for gift cards, discounts and more. Second place for middle school division was Babys2Grownups. This product was created by two students who saw a need in their own homes. The product is a bottle with teething rings on the side so the feeding baby can chew on the teething rings instead of the bottle or the bottle nipple itself to protect the child’s teeth and the parents from replacing so many bottles. InfusionPoints being a part of the panel for these inspiring entrepreneurs coincides with the core mission of InfusionPoints. InfusionPoints feels honored to have been a part of the program.  

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