Promoting Order over Security Chaos

Build Deliver the Processes and the Tools to Ensure that You Get Ongoing Results.

Build Prioritize security efforts against business needs

Build Create enterprise information security principles and core objectives to characterize the organization’s security expectations

BuildEvaluate business and technology solutions for enhancing your organization’s security presence

Build Provide gap analysis to determine additional security needs the organization may address

Build Design secure systems, networks, and communications architectures to maximize functional and capital efficiency expansion

InfusionPoints applies holistic, integrated methodologies for infusing security and privacy into mission solutions by combining our frameworks with the critical thinking and deep analytics needed to solve our clients most pressing challenges. Our consultants specialize in developing IT architectures that protect sensitive consumer, employee, and partner information without losing sight of cost and efficiency. InfusionPoints' teams provide the entire range of technical and management skills to support large scale system design and integration activities and integrating multi-level security systems, electronic key management systems, Identity and Access Management, and secure Internet-based solutions designed to support global-scale implementations.

The foundation for strong information security mechanisms embodies three primary characteristics: simplicity, consistency, and predictability. By establishing that foundation, an organization positions itself to standardize information security, thereby easing its ability to manage, monitor, and maintain security controls. InfusionPoints provides its information security architecture subject matter expertise to engage with the stakeholder community to identify key design principles, business and security objectives, and critical requirements to develop a comprehensive information security architecture. The team collaborates with governing enterprise architecture organizations to create a security architecture that complements existing architectural structures while extending the security-related design elements to more appropriately address leading security practices.

Following the security architecture development, InfusionPoints assist you in establishing a strategic plan that empowers you to enhance your security mechanisms at a pace and budget that will work for you.  With InfusionPoints, you gain a trusted partner who will accept ownership for your security objectives and bring executive experience to integrate security into your business right the first time.

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