It's What Keeps You Up at Night: Your Business Experiences a Breach; You and Your Team Are Not Prepared for the Response.

HACKERS... a term that sends chills down the spine of many business owners. Hackers are dominating the cyber world with their tricks and deceitful tactics and are going undetected for far too long. Organizations are struggling to fend off cyberattacks as these hackers become faster, sneakier, and more creative. Hackers are grabbing your data and stealing your customers' and partners' information. There is an army of them making their way through your patchwork of defenses. They cannot be bargained with or reasoned with, and they will not stop until you and your data have been compromised. Whatever your incident response needs, InfusionPoints offers proactive and reactive services to give you the confidence to remain cool, calm, and collected while managing a potential crisis.

Defend Incident Response; Program Development

Attacks and attackers are constantly evolving. To ensure you are always prepared, you need an Incident Response Plan (IRP) — and you need to test it regularly. Our consultants will assess your environment including the people, processes, and technology – to assess the maturity of your incident response capability and offer relevant, business-focused recommendations to help you meet your incident response program goals.

Do you need to build your IRP from the ground up? We can help with that as well. Our IRP development can be tailored to assist or improve your capability at any point in your Security Program Lifecycle area.

Test Breach Readiness Assessment

A Breach Readiness Assessment provides a maturity evaluation of your threat detection and incident response capability to show you how your maturity evaluation compares to industry best practices and to identify steps to take your program to the next level.

Breach Readiness Assessments include tabletop exercises to provide threat simulation to evaluate your detection and response capability in a controlled environment. We work with you to create and deliver a meaningful scenario, analyze the results, and provide a list of actionable improvements you can apply to your incident response program.

Red Team and Blue Team exercises move hypothetical scenarios to real-world live events. The InfusionPoints Red Team will emulate the behaviors and techniques of likely attackers to make it as realistic as possible so that the Blue Team can sharpen their defense skills and identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your organization.

Defend Breach Response

Need immediate help with a breach? Call us at 1-866-6VNSOC (1-866-658-6762). Our incident response team is ready to collaborate closely with your in-house team to detect threats, document findings, and recommend the right remediation activities to help ensure attackers are out and can’t find their way back in. We can even support your crisis communications to help present critical details to the public or to the company leadership.

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