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Do you have an innovative approach to the security of your product you would like to have assessed?  Are you looking for recommendations to make secure product implementation easier for your customers?  Would you simply like to prove out the existing security of your product line? 

Hardware security is coming more and more into the limelight due to recent events, and more consideration is being given to undetectable firmware/software exploits that can persist through the product's entire lifecycle.  This can amount to risk to your customers and your company's reputation.  

Our hardware security experts can help assess your products to ensure that they meet the level of security expected by you and your stakeholders. InfusionPoints has experience performing end-to-end security assessments of enterprise-class products; covering design, delivery, implementation, and the ongoing maintenance of software/firmware. 

Our consultants draw on their extensive security and engineering experience in a variety of vertical industries and government agencies and are supported by best-in-class tools and methodologies.

Let InfusionPoints assist you with your CyberSecurity needs today!

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