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As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Public Sector Partner, InfusionPoints makes use of the highly innovative features of the AWS platform to deliver a highly available and secure customer experience. InfusionPoints provides AWS expertise from highly-trained and certified AWS experts to deploy your cloud solution so you can stay focused on your core mission -- by infusing security in, at every point in the lifecycle of your cloud environment from concept to operations. 

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InfusionPoints follows AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Migration Readiness and Planning (MRP) constructs for all customer migrations. These principles cover the full spectrum of requirements for new AWS projects including strategy, planning, technology readiness, architecture design, and managed migration.

Migrating your existing applications and IT assets to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud presents an opportunity to transform the way your organization does business. It can help you lower costs, become more agile, develop new skills more quickly, and deliver reliable, globally available services to your customers. InfusionPoints will help you implement a secure and compliant cloud strategy.

AWS Migration Whitepaper

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

Your AWS cloud architecture should support growth of users, traffic, or data size with no drop in performance. InfusionPoints will allow for linear scalability when and where an additional resource is added. The system needs to be able to adapt and proportionally serve additional load when customer demand increases. AWS cloud scaling, whether horizontal or vertical, can vary depending on the type of application or data to be stored. Your architecture will be equipped to take maximum advantage of the virtually unlimited on-demand capacity of cloud computing.

A blueprint for efficient and modern IT design, WAFR is the culmination of a decade of best practices and architecture principles on the AWS cloud. InfusionPoints analyzes the existing AWS account against the pillars of Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Operational Excellence. InfusionPoints adds the additional dimension of regulatory compliance for a variety of compliance frameworks (NIST, FedRAMP, HITECH/HIPAA, PCI, GDPR).

AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS Cloud Best Practices

Unlike traditional IT infrastructure, Cloud enables automation of a number of events, improving both your system’s stability and the efficiency of your organization. Some of the AWS resources you can use to get automated are:

AWS Elastic Beanstalk / Auto Scaling / Amazon CloudWatch (Alarms) / Amazon CloudWatch / AWS OpsWorks / AWS Lambda

Expertise At Your Fingertips

InfusionPoints provides solutions help streamline, automate, and implement secure baselines in AWS—from initial design to operational security readiness. By incorporating the expertise of in-house InfusionPoints AWS solutions architects, security and compliance personnel to help you build a secure and reliable architecture easily through automation.

Utilizing AWS CloudFormation allows InfusionPoints to automate building a standardized architecture that aligns with the requirements within NIST SP 800-53, NIST SP 800-171, the FedRAMP TIC Overlay pilot, and the DoD Cloud SRG. It also includes a security controls matrix, which maps the security controls and requirements to architecture decisions, features, and configuration of the baseline to enhance your organization’s ability to understand and assess the system security configuration.

Let InfusionPoints help you take advantage of the Automation features provided by AWS to streamline and grow your business!

Keeping your AWS cloud infrastructure secure requires more than automated security tools. It requires advanced technology and a team of certified AWS experts to assist you along the way. InfusionPoints supports the full Software development life cycle (SDLC) of your AWS cloud infrastructure including Building, Testing, and Defending your infrastructure. InfusionPoints is based in the Continental United States and employs US Citizens only, so that our customers can meet tough US Government Regulations (FedRAMP (High, Moderate, Low, LI-SaaS), DoD SRG (IL4, IL5, IL6), DFARS, CJIS, DSS, ITAR, NNPI).


InfusionPoints deliver services for Amazon EC2, managing secure, reliable, and high-performance environments for deploying Linux and Windows-based applications and workloads.

InfusionPoints manages Linux and Microsoft Windows workloads on AWS by providing a layer of security and expert guidance to maximize the benefits of AWS. We can work alongside your internal teams assessing your existing legacy workloads to determine which can be migrated right away and even design roadmaps for others whose migration is more involved.

Why Windows Servers on AWS – Cheaper and more secure than on-premise

AWS offers the best cloud for Windows, and it is the right cloud platform for running Windows-based applications today and in the future. Windows on Amazon EC2 enables you to increase or decrease capacity within minutes, not hours or days. You can commission one, hundreds, or even thousands of server instances simultaneously.

Desktop-as-a-service on AWS

Customers looking to move their Windows 10 and Windows 7 desktops to AWS, can do so with Amazon WorkSpaces and InfusionPoints is right there to help you manage your environment.


Let InfusionPoints assist you with your CyberSecurity needs today!

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